Your Browser does not support Java! <body> <h3>Firehouse Jazzband Traditional Jazz</h3> <p>If no frames - browser available</p> <p>Sitemap</p> <P><A href="eidee.htm">Our inspiration</A></P> <p>Why, oh why are we doing this ?</P> <p>It is a vintage concept...</P> <P> hasn't been ours back then, but: <br>It was successful. <br>And funny. <br>And very special.<BR> And we like it. </P> <P>And most important: The Firehouse Five Plus Two shall not die! So we started, not exactly cloning the original band, most likely this would be impossible. It is still us. What we share with Ward Kimball's band is the fun of it. And like them, were strictly amateurs talking in terms of traditional jazz music.</P><P>Enjoy these pages and learn more about us and the FH5 + 2! Book the Firehouse Jazzband for weddings , corporate events , birthdays, party, jazz clubs and many more!</P> <P><A href="estil.htm">San Francisco Style</A></P> <p>What is it ?</P> <P>Long story short:</P> <P>Bandbook: Barely classical Dixieland tunes. Songs from blues, rag, hymns, marches, pop-songs of their era.</P> <P>The early New Orleans tradition is present, but dominated by more a brassier sound,driving trumpet, sort of harsh trombone, ragtime - piano, banjo accents on 2 and 4, tuba strictly 1 and 3 and leaning into, drums with bass, snare, high-hat, woodblock, assists 1-3 versa 2-4. Swaggering 2 -beat, but kind of 2 - beat swing</P> <P>The Firehouse Jazzband continues what was done before. We added tunes to the bandbook the FH5 did not play. Drop in for a Spike Jones number, *ulul*. Ask for the Muppet Show Theme. Watch the Gladiator's entry.</p> <P>You cannot fall asleep, the bell always keeps ringing. The siren howls like there were no tomorrow. A duck just stepped out of a whistling train and was harbored by the boys.</P> Some incriminated us for playing Disneyland Jazz instead of Dixieland, all right, we take the punch - and bear our fate with pride! </P> <P><A href="ehelme.htm">Cairns fire helmets</A></P> <p>Cairns fire helmets</p> <P>The Firehouse band thing is, hands down, by all means connected to Cairns fire helmets.</P> <P>Since were a Germany based band, we were in severe trouble when it came to getting hands at these strong hats. Literally none to purchase over here. But I discovered the wonderful world of the bay, yeah, ebay! </P> <P>So what? Some friendly but head-shaking Americans were willing to ship their helmets after explaining to them what weird future these very protective shells were heading for. </P> <P>And so I was (START singing here) "sitting on the dock of the ebay, waisting all the money,okay..." (STOP singing now, you boneh...) well, we got our caps!</P> <P><A href="etruck.htm">Firetruck</A></P> <p>American LaFrance</p> <P>Wow! Look at Firehouse Five Plus Two LP covers and see this truck! Yes, it os the younger brother of Ward Kimball's 1917 fire truck. Discovered by fortunate coincidence in 1993, when a private collector just around the corner acquired it for his collection. How gorgeous! We had to have it for the picture. I dug for a while and found the truck still being around. We were allowed to take the pictures, but we will never have it for a show, no way!</p> Again, thanks to the owner, and to Mrs. Koss, who was the photographer. </P> <P><A href="ehistorie.htm">FHJB Story</A></P> <p>FHJB story</p> As it reads in the bandleader's chapter, conditions were set when I was a kid. We all know, addictive behavior of adults are predetermined at single-cipher age. I always switched back to the FH 5 + 2 style when playing Dixieland, especially when blowing a big whistle called sousaphone - and ruined the nerves of my fellow musicians.</p> <P>All time favorite, the Californians were frequent occupiers of my cassette deck in the car and next to cemented on my turntable. Trying a start-up with younger musicians like me back then in Kiel, Germany, we just could go half way down the road, it turned out everybody was busy with the job at different places all over Germany. Decades later, Jochen Breitfeld came across, FH5 - minded just alike, we gave life to a new band, although we were suffering from some birth pain for quite a while. Plenty of phone calls, many hours to figure out the arrangements, looking for lots of equipment, the whole thing, on and on. Oh, yes, the web page...another matter of time...</P> But: No humor - no job, thats our business, come on, buddy, laugh, grab your horn, shove in the piano, place the drums and torture the strings... and FIRE UP THE BAND!!! That's all we know. Enjoy! </P> <P><A href="elogo.htm">FHJB Logo</A></P> <p>FHJB logo</p> <P>No way out, it has to be inspired by firefighter's memorabilia.</P> <P>We used a classic Western style font. And the Maltese Cross, well, the firefighters just have it. At center, it shows a vintage helmet and nozzles ( don't you be nasty, these are NO liquor bottles...!) .</P> <P>The left leaf has " Hook And Ladder ", at right a fire hydrant is pictured.</P><P>"F.J." ( "Firehouse Jazzband" , what else ?), The copyright mark tells the year we founded the band."</P> <P><A href="etrplead.htm">FHJB Trumpet Leader</A></P> <p>Jochen Dornbusch</p> <p>There never has been any evidence of my mom being pregnant with me and being a diehard fan of the Firehouse Five Plus Two simultaneously. In fact, the pregnancy only is still evident. However, the first time I heard the FH5 was when I was a toddler. For some reason, I then forgot about the band for a while.</P> <P>In a sudden - tube radios were still in the house - I was electrified by what my aural perception offered. Being more mature now at the age of 8.7334 I was able to understand the announcer's comment that it would have been the Firehouse Five, although nowadays I assume my English was next to none.</P> <P>More time went by, at some point I stupidly talked my father out of me becoming a trumpeter. Instead of, I did not deny the trombone we compromised and this way I had to carry around a sliphorn for the next 500 years. </p> Awful long period of time, wisely a trumpet was sighted in the aura of the Firehouse Jazzband, and I put down the trombone and sousaphone service after less than 10 percent of the 500, namely 33 1/3 years or close to.</p>Pure fun ! <P>Instruments:<br> 1939 Martin HC Imperial trumpet<br> <br> 1957 Martin Indiana Cornet</P> <P><A href="esax.htm">FHJB Saxophone</A></P> <p>Jochen Breitfeld</p> <p>Hey, teacher! School's out for ever, ain't it?!<br> Oh, how many Autobahn - trips for gigs we did, dreaming away the time, enjoying bloomy fantasies of a red - shirted bunch of skilled heroic musicians, sharing adventures of our predecessors on the shores of islands they discovered decades ago, after they had Gone To Sea! <P>Jochen is as Firehouse5 - crazy as me or as can be, if we put it this way. George Probert - beyond doubt the heart of the Firehouse Five, taught him a lot, even without catching a glimpse. </P> As time went by, finally, we formed the band - and were still heading for the shores. And again, both of us, from a distance, admired Spike Jones, yes, conducting a band with his Smith & Wessons, playing for us while we unwittingly sighted Kealakekua at dusk.... </P> <P><A href="etrombone.htm">FHJB Trombone</A></P> <p>Juergen Kauer</p> <P>Juergen,like other members,is a well known musician around Hanover and Brunswick.<br>Trombonists who want to sacrifice their skills for Firehouse - type pieces of art are hard to come by, so we started off the group with only five enthusiasts (the drum chair remained vacant as well for the first 300.000 minutes), and Juergen, another teacher, joined the band after a while.</P> <P>But hey, wasn't it Firehouse F-i-v-e when the goddess of dawn welcomed the legend? </P> <P> <P>Instrument:<br> Bach Stradivarius 36</P> <P><A href="etuba.htm">FHJB tuba bass </A></P> <p>Uwe Hobein</p> <P>An earthquake, erupting from all that lusterless brass, shaking the band while the bass is maintaining its own imperturbable ground...and when it fades, the first beat of the bar is history.</P> Well, don't have to keep up with this, Uwes tuba runs like an 18-wheeler. Period. Don, isn't he doing a great job? <P> <P><A href="epiano.htm">FHJB Piano</A></P> <p>Peter Warnecke</p> <P> Peter is a well-known member of the local jazz community around Hannover, you can listen to him playing with various traditional jazz bands. Hes a skilled player and provides us with a style close to K.O.Eckland and Frank Thomas. He retired from being an engineer with Volkswagen and still accepts long range trips to join the band he likes so much, thanks, Peter! </P> <P>Instruments:<br> <br> Yamaha Stage Piano<br> Yamaha Keyboard</p> <P><A href="ebanjo.htm">FHJB Banjo</A></P> <p>Mike Boedecker</p> <P>The Firehouse Five Plus Two had many a solo part in the bandbook for the banjo player. Dick Roberts and Harper Goff were top notch performers and Mike had to survey lots of musical stuff . Hes a retired teacher, so he knows how to learn, ha! Being another volunteer, he helped giving birth to the band. </P> <P><A href="edrums.htm">FHJB Drums</A></P> <p>Joerg Boddeutsch</p> <P>Joerg is the newest member and joined the party in 2008, replacing Cliff on drums, who had to turn down the sticks who was lacking time. Our samples were recorded shortly before he showed up, so he hadn't been taped. What a pity, he's a fond of timing, hey, you'll feel it, I'm sure about that!! </P> <P>Instruments:<br> <br> Pearl Drum Set</P>